Grief Steps is a spiritually based bereavement outreach center that provides grief support services through groups, individual and family counseling, educational seminars, and other resources.

Grief Steps will provide you with an opportunity to talk to someone about your grief, and to learn about our services and other resources available.  We have a referral list of qualified counselors and an up-to-date list of other grief groups available in Central Ohio.

Grief Steps cannot take your grief away, but we are here to help you identify the stepping stones in the midst of the stumbling blocks on your grief journey.  Our mission is to be a provider of education and resources and to be a supportive, healing presence to anyone who is experiencing a loss.  We are here to walk with you as you discover your own pathway to hope and healing on your journey through grief.  If you are are starting on this journey or know someone who is, we are here to help by providing compassionate care and understanding.

Grief can be difficult.  But to go through it alone, without the support of others, is unnecessary.


Rev. Brian K. Shaffer, CPBS, GC-C, CT

  1. -Pastoral Bereavement Specialist

  2. -Grief Counselor

  3. -Thanatologist

PO Box  164472

Columbus, OH  43216


Grief is a Journey... that does not have to be taken alone!